Friday November 28, 2014

Boomerang Systems names Mark R. Patterson CEO

Mark R. Patterson was named CEO and as a member of the board at Boomerang Systems.  The board at Humana has elected CEO Michael B. McCallister chairman of the board after the resignation of David A. Jones Jr. ICOP appointed CEO of Cryoport, Larry G. Stambaugh, to its board. Real Matters, formely Solidifi, named Rob Burgess to their board.

Boomerang Systems announced that it has named Mark R. Patterson CEO and a member of the board.  The company’s founder, Stan Checketts, will continue to lead product development and manufacturing as CEO of Boomerang Sub, which handles U.S. operations.

Humana announced that CEO Michael B. McCallister has been elected chairman of the company’s board of directors effective immediately. At its regular bimonthly meeting, the board voted unanimously to elect McCallister after accepting the voluntary resignation of David A. Jones, Jr., as board chairman. Jones will remain on the board.

ICOP Digital, an industry-leading company engaged in advancing digital surveillance technology solutions, announced the appointment of Larry G. Stambaugh to the company’s board. Currently, Stambaugh is chairman of the board, president and CEO of Cryoport. He is also a principal at Apercu Consulting, where he serves as an advisor to private and public boards and management.

Real Matters, a provider of property information services, announced the appointment of Rob Burgess to the company’s board. Burgess is the former chairman and CEO of Macromedia and a board member of Adobe Systems. Real Matters recently changed its name from Solidifi to facilitate expansion into cloud-based property information services.

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