Saturday November 22, 2014

Investors demand more corporate action on energy efficiency

Nearly 100 institutional investors have written to the world’s largest companies calling for cost-effective carbon emission reduction measures.

“A group of nearly 100 leading pension funds, asset managers, banks, and other institutional investors have today written to the chief executives of the world’s largest 415 public companies urging them to accelerate efforts to deploy cost-effective emission reduction measures,” Business Green reports. The letters, which form part of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Carbon Action initiative, are tailored to each individual recipient’s circumstances. “Typically,” the publication notes, “they call on chief executives to commit to delivering year-on-year emissions reductions, set targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and step up investment in green measures that deliver a positive return on investment.” Signatories range from Spain’s Banco Santander to asset manager APG. Claudia Kruse, head of sustainability and corporate governance at APG, concludes, “Companies stand to benefit from improving operational energy efficiency as well as from capturing the market opportunity for energy efficiency-related products and services.”

Comments on “Investors demand more corporate action on energy efficiency”

  • Kelly Burnes says:

    Interesting article that also came out today: See, “Why Companies Make False Corporate Social Responsibility Promises”. Are investors holding, or will begin to hold companies accountable? We have to start, and I mean seriously make an effort now, to cut emissions. Nothing we can do about past damage to environment; it’s locked us into increasing temperatures. Ignoring mitigation opportunities and not planning adaptation strategies will inhibit our economy. Jobs, infrastructure, and public health are just a few of the areas that will be impacted. Corporations should reassess what this responsibility will mean to their triple bottom line if they plan to remain solvent in the future.

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